Saturday, March 25, 2006

Don't make waves! Don't make waves!

Don’t make waves! Don’t make waves! Those three words seem to be in vogue over at the RFM board.

Apparently the only good ex-Mormon is an atheist ex-Mormon. If you became a Christian, a Buddhist, a Hindu or whatever, the RFM board viewpoint on this would seem to be: “Don’t tell, don’t ask.”

Why? Some ex-Mormons seem hostile to the fact that other people who are also ex-Mormons still find comfort in a religious faith of some kind. It is almost as if they resent the fact that some ex-Mormons still have a religious faith of some kind. Of ANY kind. And just let someone be incautious enough to admit that they became a believer after a period of post-Mormon atheism and BOY! Just hear the screams and howls that such a statement engenders!

Also, I have found myself cautious about what I post on RFM, these days. Post anything that is a little out of the box (and it is a tiny box that the self-proclaimed defenders of the Atheist Faith have created for all RFM thoughts to be placed in) and they’ll come running at you, flamethrowers at the ready, aiming to burn your flesh to the bone. And some of the more pathetic ones post an attack on a person, and then use a different ID to support the attack, to make it look as if more than one person is attacking you!

And a lot of the flaming posts make no real sense. The flaming posts could almost all be the result of a not-very-sophisticated “bot” programme.

“If Post content contains words: “Christian” “Faith” “Religion” then reply will contain words: “Dawkins says…” “Invisible Pink Unicorn” “you must be an atheist to be a true ex-Mormon” and so on.

Those flaming posts are not quite that bad? No. But they are very nearly as bad, aren’t they? You see, when an uberatheist TBM (all of the bad Mormon traits, none of the faith) is losing an argument, the hoary old Invisible Pink Unicorn is trundled out like a hobby horse on a wheeled platform. It is as if when the IPU is wheeled out, you can hear a sigh of: “Oh. Thank God! (sic) Someone wheeled out the IPU. Now we can stop thinking!”

I concede that there may be no God. The TBAs (True Believing Atheists) on the board cannot accept that God might exist. They remind me of a recalcitrant toddler, with his mouth firmly clamped shut, turning his face away from his spoon determined not to even take a taste of what is on offer.

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