Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Life as a Mormon is life in a constant dream state

Those people reading this who can remember their dreams will be able to understand where I am coming from, on this one. Those who can't, well, please just trust me!

You can be living in a dream and you think it is real life until something happens that make you realise hat it is really only a dream. Sometimes this can wake you up.

I can recall one weird dream when I realised I was dreaming, because something really bizarre had happened. I walked up to an old lady who was heading in to town pulling a shopping trolley. I said to her: "excuse me, but I must tell you that none of this is real. It's al ljust a dream!"

The old lady looked at me, smiled and said: "That's all very inteesting dear, but you'll have to excuse me as I must get on as I need to get to the market early. She turned and carried on walking."

I started to laugh at this unexpected turn of events and I woke myself up by laughing and tears of laughter were rolling down my cheeks.

How does this tie in with Mormonism? Because Mormonism is like being in a constant dream state. During this constant dream state, bizarre things happen. Most Mormons do not wake up laughing. They carry on dreaming, confusing the dream (nightmare?) of Mormonism for reality.

The Book of Mormon being a cobbled-together fake? Keep on dreaming. The Book of Abraham being another fake? Keep on dreaming. Blacks not getting the priesthood and then suddenly getting the priesthood? Keep on dreaming! The Mark Hofmann forgeries and murders? Keep on dreaming! Temple ceremony changes? Keep on dreaming! DNA? Keep on dreaming! Limited geography theory? Keep on dreaming!

At some point, ex-Mormons awoke from the dream state of Mormonism. Why not more?

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