Sunday, March 26, 2006

Spread the ex-Mormon word AND legitimately give RFM a rankings boost!

Do we have a duty to spread the word about Mormonism being untrue? I, personally, think that we DO have such a duty. After all, WE found out enough to get out. Shouldn’t we WANT to help other people to get out?

If you KNEW that a bus you were on had failing brakes, wouldn’t you want to help the other passengers by warning them? After that, it is up to them. You do your best.

How can we safely, sensibly and effectively warn people about Mormonism? Wearing a badge? (aka button) Having car stickers? No, I do not think these are effective enough. What IS effective enough, IMO, is the Internet.

People walking down the street or driving along are in all probability, not searching after the truth. They are on the way somewhere, and probably nor all that susceptible to message of any kind, especially of the ephemeral glance at a badge or a car sticker.

However, people using the Internet are sat before their computer. Often they are seeking for knowledge, searching out information.

And that is where WE come in. RFM is a fantastic resource for people seeking for the truth about Mormonism. But just think if every regular or semi-regular poster at RFM put up an ex-mo blog? And linked them back through to RFM? The effect on boosting the page ranks of RFM (through quite legitimate means) would be worthwhile! We would be able to keep RFM at the very top of the search listings at Google, etc.

Who is up for it?

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