Saturday, March 11, 2006

Thank you, Professor Daniel Peterson!

It seems that Professor Daniel Peterson has decided to use a quote from one of my posts at the RFM board ( as his signature on the FAIR board.

Although Professor Peterson did not ask for my permission to cite my post in this way, I will forgive him.

This is the quote he uses:-

"Why all the attention and focus on Prof. Daniel Peterson [on the 'Recovery' board]?"Mr Daniel Peterson issued a challenge to a poster here. DP has ran offThat's why.DP is a blowhard moral coward, IMO, as he called for a debate and when the call was answered, DP ran away like a craven cur.You do not need to say sorry to DCP. He . . . is a bad, wicked man. One day the Devil will claim him for his own . . .(Matt, "Recovery" board [7 March 2006])

Hopefully he will be able to discover the truth and become a Christian. Professor Peterson might like to visit for some writings and information on Christianity.

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