Monday, March 06, 2006

How do others view Mormonism? And why it is worse than Amway!

A crazy cult? Multiple wives? Secret temple oaths? Weird rituals and rites? Funny undewear with magic symbols? Take 10 percent of your money? Fastest growing sect in the world?

The first six are pretty much on the money. Though the latter is a lie that having been repeated so many times by spin doctors like Hinckley over the years, that, sadly, it has entered the consciousness of the world as it it was true.

Hitler and Goebbels knew the golden rule that seems to be Hinckley's maxim: "Tell a lie enough times, and no matter how outrageous it is, it will eventually be regarded as if it were the truth."

Mormonism is seen by some, especially some ex-Mormons, as an MLM scam. "It's just like Amway" has been said.

Well, I can see why some former Mormons would feel this way, but Mormonism is not, in truth, all that much like Amway. It is far, far worse!

If you get involved with Amway (and I am talking here about my experience with Amway in the UK) is that if you join and it doesn't work out, you are out about £30, but you do have a collection of reasonably good cleaning products to use up. With Mormonism the only clean thing is a nicely washed brain...

Mormonism is worse than Amway, because Mormonism is more like the women empowering scams or the power pen scam when people paid £10 for a "special power pen" which entitled them to introduce more people into their downline.

Like any "good" (sic!) pyramid selling scam, Mormonism also has its downline. You don't think it does? Just ask any Mormon male about his so-called "line of authority" which he claims means he can trace his priesthood power back to Joe Smith and Peter, James and John.

Mormonism was created with one purpose in mind. To enrich Joe Smith and his family and his tawdry successors.

At least with Amway, etc., there's a chance that you might make some money. I did know someone who retired from actively selling Amway, and lived off the rake-off from his downline.

Byt Mormonism is just like the empowerment scams and the power pen scams. With Mormonism you pay the corporation 10% of your income. For no material reward.

Surely, then, Mormonism must be the ultimate MLM scam? 10% of your income, for life. And you don't even get a pen, power or otherwise...

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Skeptical said...

I would agree that it is a cult, not so much because of its non-traditional "Christian" views and creeeds, but more so, because of the behavior control mechanisms found within the organization.