Wednesday, March 29, 2006

How to select a leader of a church

Let's just suppose that you are a god. (Note lower case "g"!)

What criteria would use to select the leader of your faith on your world?

1) He would have to be born into a lazy, indolent family, who hated hard work and was prone to living in delusional fantasy worlds of their own devising.

2) He would have to be of somewhat dubious character.

3) A convicted fraudster.

4) A thief.

5) A confidence man capable of setting up a fake bank using trickery and artifice.

6) A user of black magic including sacrificing live animals.

7) A predatory paedophile.

8) A multiple-adulterer.

9) A panderer.

Would you use that criteria?

Me neither!


Bishop Rick said...


Can you give more information on numbers 4 and 6? With 6 it is the animal sacrifice I am interested in. I already know about the black magic.


Matt said...

4 involved he theft of the gold from the two sisters and for 6